Aug 14, 2012

CentOS /etc/xinetd.conf

Question: What is the meaning of "status 0" and "status 1" in /var/log/message?

- status 0 means "success"
- status 1 means "failure"

The log file:
Aug 13 23:09:38 servername xinetd[2909]: EXIT: smtp status=1 pid=32191 duration=1(sec)
Aug 13 23:09:38 servername xinetd[2909]: EXIT: smtp status=0 pid=32191 duration=1(sec)

Configuragion file: /etc/xinetd.conf
    log_type    = SYSLOG daemon info
    log_on_failure  = HOST
    log_on_success  = PID HOST DURATION EXIT

EXIT — Logs the exit status or termination signal of the service (log_on_success).

cf. "man xinetd.conf"
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