Mar 18, 2015

Scrumbut: Is that good or bad

Simply but, "Scrum but" means "We are using Scrum, but <however|some reasons>...".

That means, it is meant to not to be truly Scrum.

I am sorry for using the word "Scrumbut" but I don't mean to blame or insult anyone ;)

Ken Schawaber recommend​s​ replacing the word "Scrumbut" with "Scrum And.

"Scrum And" is a path to continuous improvement.
Let's say we are at Scrum+0. Let's cirle to loop PDCA and move to Scrum+1, Scrum+2 and so on.

Examples of "Scrumbut":

  1. "We use Scrum, but we don't do Retrospectives (for some projects) for every sprints"
  2. "We use Scrum, but we don't have a working software after 4 sprints"
  3. "We use Scrum, but sometimes our managers give us special tasks"

Is Scrumbut bad?
No and Yes. Scrum is an Agile toolkit and it is used as a management method. To meet our goals, adopting or transforming Agile or do what we think is needed.


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