Aug 9, 2012

PMP: Tight matrix

Matrix management should not be confused with "tight matrix". Tight matrix, or co-location, refers to locating offices for a project team in the same room, regardless of management structure.

A project manager would find team development the most difficult in which form of organization?

  1. Weak Matrix organization
  2. Balanced Matrix organization
  3. Projectized organization
  4. Tight Matrix organization

Answer: A

Explanation: In a functional organization, the project team members have dual reporting to two bosses - the project manager and the functional manager.

In a weak matrix organization, the power rests with the functional manager.

In a balanced matrix organization, the power is shared between the functional manager and the project manager. A projectized organization is grouped by projects and the project manager has complete control on the project and its team.

A Tight matrix organization refers to co-locating the project team and has nothing to do with a matrix organization.

Therefore, a project manager would find it difficult to drive team development in a weak matrix organization.

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