Mar 26, 2013

Truyện vui logic

Câu chuyện:
Try out this story. You need plumbing work done on your home. You contact a plumber who sends you a price with a notice that says, "If you want me to do the work on your home, send me a copy of the design drawings' Three weeks later, that plumber shows up at your home to start work. You are surprised, as you signed a contract with another plumber. The plumber  says you also have a contract with him because you sent the drawings. Is the plumber right? Yes; acceptance can be an action, or it can be verbal. You have a difficult situation on your hands, and you will likely have to pay this plumber something. The trick is to avoid these situations by understanding contracts.
(Trích từ "PMP Exam Prep, Seventh Edition")

Suy luận của người làm bơm sai về logic, không rõ ràng.

Mệnh đề 1:
Nếu A (you want to do the work), thì (please) B (send me design drawings)

Mệnh đề 2:
B suy ra A

(B → A) không tương đương (suy ra được) (A → B)
(B → A) đùng thì cũng không suy ra được (A → B) là đúng

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