Apr 7, 2012

Đã có bản LibreOffice online, cạnh tranh với MS Office 365

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From: Italo Vignoli
Date: Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 02:25
Subject: Re: [libreoffice-marketing] Interview on Muktware
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Charles-H. Schulz wrote:
> I thought it might be interesting to read :-) :
> http://www.muktware.com/news/3509/libreoffice-online-will-be-real-competitor-microsoft-office-365

Marketing trick about Microsoft Office 365: when you name it in public
you should always correct the name in MS Office 364, as they have had a
day of server outage, and hint that the official name could be decided
at the end of each year (as only at the end of the year you will know
the real days of availability).


That would be great to add to the press page
Go for it :)

Leif added another good article about the Danish Ministry of Transport

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