Mar 31, 2013

Type of Organization Structures

Functional Organization Structure: In functional organization structure, the organization is grouped into various departments; e.g. sales department, marketing department and finance department.

Matrix Organization Structure:
Matrix organization structure is a hybrid of the functional organization structure and the projectized organization structure. This structure takes the benefits of both worlds.

Projectized Organization Structure:
Projectized organization takes every job as a project. Here, the project manager has all authority to complete the project successfully.

Composite Organization Structure:
In Composite Organization Structure, organizations may use any combination of the above given type of structures.

Pre-bureaucratic Structure: 
Pre-bureaucratic Structure type of organization does not have the standard procedures and policies. This type of structure is used by small scale organization with few employees who handle the simple tasks. It has a central command with one decision maker at the top position. This type is not mentioned in PMBOK.

Bureaucratic Structure: 
Organization which uses the bureaucratic structure, usually are larger and has some sort of standardization. This type is not mentioned in PMBOK.

Post-Bureaucratic Structure: 
Post-Bureaucratic Organizations are fully developed and has all kind of standards and procedures with a central command consisting of several board members where decision making is done by democratic procedure. This type is not mentioned in PMBOK.

Divisional Structure: 
In Divisional Structure, organization is divided into various divisions and each division itself will be capable of doing the task on its own. It means that each division will have its own resources required to function properly. This type is not mentioned in PMBOK.



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