Mar 31, 2013

Agile Sprint Cycles vs. Rolling Wave Planning

Agile Sprint Cycles vs. Rolling Wave Planning (cổ điển)
"If you had to deliver functionality to the client every 30-days, would
you and your team, walk or run towards the deadline? Thirty days isn't
much to deliver functionality, SCRUM suggests sprinting."

Ý tưởng: Release ngắn thôi, theo từng giai đoạn gọi là "srpint"
"The requirements were vague. I couldn't possible plan for the entire
project. However, at least some degree of planning was required to get
the project started. So, I used the Rolling Wave Planning technique to
plan as far as the requirements were clear enough."

Ý tưởng: Có bao nhiêu (thông tin) thì plan bấy nhiêu. Đừng và không
thể/khó đoán được những công việc giai đoạn quá xa, còn quá ít thông tin.

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