Jul 3, 2011

Flickr Getty Images

Hi 独自又何妨,

Flickr has partnered with the fabulous Getty Images to
offer an invitation-only service for Flickr members to
license their photos for commercial use.

The Getty Images team has noticed your work on Flickr, and
is pleased to offer you an invitation to enroll with them.
They have selected 5 of your photos for possible inclusion
in the program. Here are a few of them:

* DSC_5015
 Uploaded: 39 months ago

* SJK_1249
 Uploaded: 37 months ago

* VYA_0419
 Uploaded: 38 months ago

* GYO_1467
 Uploaded: 34 months ago

* GYO_1283
 Uploaded: 34 months ago

If you're interested, find out how to get started at the
Flickr page below:

       * http://www.flickr.com/gettyimages/

Congratulations! And, good luck!

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